Types of Appraisals

Gardner Galleries conduct appraisals for fair market value, insurance and estate/probate purposes.  For individual items, please follow the link for online appraisals.  For entire estate/household appraisals and presale estimates, see below.  

Estate Appraisals

If a visit to your home is required for a professional written appraisal for probate purposes, our fee is $150.00/hour plus HST.  If located outside of London, a mileage charge of $0.60 per kilometer is added (no HST on mileage).  Please contact our office for more information regarding these services and note cancellations for any appraisal must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Free Auction Estimates

If you require an "auction estimate" only and not an official appraisal, we do offer free estimates based on images you email to or show in person by appointment at our gallery.  If sending multiple images by email, our appraisers will provide an estimate of total value by auction.  If you require individual prices, this is regarded as an appraisal and we ask that you please submit an online appraisal

If you are considering selling an entire estate or household by auction and are located in the greater London area, or are downsizing and have too many items to photograph, a free visit to your home can be arranged by contacting our office for a general overview and estimate of total value.  If located outside of the greater London area, we must see photographs or a detailed listing prior to sending a representative to your residence.  



                                                                                       Antique centre table circa 1850 - Sold: $2,900.00, January, 2020