Gardner Galleries has accredited appraisers with CPA (Canadian Professional Appraisers) on staff to conduct appraisals for fair market value, insurance and estate purposes

Types of Appraisals

Estate appraisals for probate purposes are conducted by Gardner Galleries for estate executors, law firms and trust companies.  An estate appraisal is a legal document that determines the fair market value of property, usually to settle a will.

Insurance appraisals are also conducted by Gardner Galleries, which are based on the cost to replace an item (ie. if the item was lost or damaged). 

An appraisal for fair market value is the value of an item based on the sales comparison approach.  Auction sale records are a key factor in determining an item's value in the most relevant and open market.    

Determining Value

With the click of a button, you can instantly see what your item is worth by searching online, right?  Wrong.  Do not be fooled by the "asking price" of an item, as these prices are usually inflated.  Gardner Galleries accredited appraisers have nearly 100 years of combined experience in the auction industry, and sell more than 50,000 items annually including fine art, jewellery, coins, china, porcelain, bronzes, antiquarian books, Persian rugs, sterling silver, sports memorabilia and furniture spanning from the 1700's to the present day.  Gardner's also have a close network of art and antique dealers across the country and subscribe to online databases that reflect the true sale price of an item.  The market is always changing and an item's value may have increased or decreased dramatically in the span of only a few years - our appraisers follow these market trends closely.  

Appraisal Cost

For a professional written appraisal, our fee is $300.00/hour plus HST with a one hour minimum.  If located outside of London, a mileage charge of $0.60 per kilometer is added (no HST on mileage).  If a visit to your residence is not possible, photographs can also be emailed and a signed copy of the appraisal will be sent to you.  Please contact our office for more information regarding these services and note cancellations for any appraisal must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Free Auction Estimates

For those interested in selling at auction, Gardner Galleries will offer a free estimate based on images you email to  If sending multiple items, our appraisers will provide an estimate of total value for the entire collection.  If you require prices for each individual item, this is regarded as an appraisal and the minimum fee for this service is $300.00 plus HST.  

Gardner Galleries will not offer free estimates to assist with selling items on Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace.  

Visit to Your Home  

If you are considering selling an entire estate or household with Gardner Galleries and are located in London and area, or are downsizing and have too many items to photograph, a free visit to your home can be arranged by contacting our office.  Our appraisers will offer a general overview, including an estimate of total value and the costs involved to handle the auction.  If located outside of the greater London area, we require photographs or a detailed listing prior to sending a representative to your residence.  If you only have a few items to sell, such as a dining room set, please send images by email.  

For more information regarding any of the above information, please contact our office at or 519-439-3333.  



                                                                                       Antique centre table circa 1850 - Sold: $2,900.00, January, 2020